05/26 [Mon] 2008

 Joshua Treeに引き続き、7/22に初期のアルバム3作品―BOY・OCTOBER・WARがリマスターされて、発売されるようです。
 U2ファンならぜひ押さえて置きたい作品ばかりです。のでオリジナルは持っているんですけど、CDの寿命を考えるとリマスターで音も良くなっているはずだし買ってもイイかなぁ…なんて考えてしまいます。これまたJoshua Treeと同じくDELUXE版にはレアトラックやライブ音源が入ったディスクがつくそう。ますます欲しくなるンだけど、何かと物入りな今日この頃、こいつはロト6でも当てるしかないな。(笑)
Boy, October, War: Remastered

U2’s first three albums have been re-mastered and will be released by Universal on July 21st. Following the re-mastered release of The Joshua Tree last year, Edge has now overseen the re-mastering of Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983).

All three have been re-mastered from the original audio tapes. Each album will be released as a standard single disc, a deluxe double version including a disc of b-sides, live tracks and rarities, and an LP version pressed on 180gm virgin vinyl.

The packaging on all three titles has been restored and expanded, with new liner notes for each record, previously unseen photos and full lyrics. More as we get it.
(from U2.com)
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